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Farm to Table: What is that anyway?

The Social bar and table-farm to table

Are You Really Farm To Table?

In this day and age terms like fresh, local, & farm to table have become not only trendy but are terms that people have come to expect, especially when dining out. Well, we want to reassure you that we don’t just use the words to peak interest, we take them very seriously and source all of our ingredients from local farmers, growers, & businesses. Everything down to the craft beers that flow from our taps.

Osland Farm - The Social

Still not convinced? Take a drive North of us and you’ll land yourself at Osland Farms. This is just one of the local farms that we support and who have brought us delicious cuts of lamb and beef. Without these farmers, we wouldn’t be the same Social.

Osland Farm - The Social

This is why we are so proud to boast that we are fresh and local, every day! We support our locals because we know without them in our communities we wouldn’t be the same. If you ate food today, thank a farmer. No, seriously! Go take a drive and thank them! You’ll be glad you did. When you’ve done that, give us a call and make a reservation so you can taste the difference fresh and local makes. We’ll see you soon!