The Social Bar + Table

Port Hope & Northumberland County’s Best Kept Secret


26 Ontario Street, Port Hope, Ontario ON L1A 2T7 ‎

Mon – Sat 12pm – 10pm | Sun 10am – 10pm

Tel: 905-800-1152

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The Social Bar + Table is a locally sourced farm to table artisanal restaurant in the heart of Port Hope, ON. This historic town boasts a genuine hometown feel and we’ve done our best to stay true the roots from which we were birthed. We source all of our ingredients from local farmers because we believe in supporting local business and giving back to our community. Our people are the heartbeat of this town and we work hard to keep that alive! Our creed, “We support local farms. Fresh and local every day” is not just something we have on the wall but a belief we stake our reputation on! Stop in for a visit!

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feast_on The Social Bar + Table are proud members of the Feast ON family. Come on in and taste the difference. Certified local. Certified Fresh.

Ontario Craft Brewers - The Social Bar and Table, Port Hope

We live for craft beer and we only partner with local brewers who take their craft as seriously as we take our dishes. Come and taste the difference.


The Social - Bar + Table

The Butterfly

Farm to Table: What is that anyway?

Farm to Table: What is that anyway?

In this day and age terms like fresh, local, & farm to table have become not only trendy but are terms that people have come to expect, especially when dining out. Well, we want to reassure you that we don’t just use the words to peak interest, we take them very seriously and source all of our ingredients from local farmers, growers,

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