Wes Galloway is a professional bartender and spirits expert with endless creativity and passion.

Innovative and stylish in his alchemist-like approach to his craft, Wes has earned rave reviews for his work. Featured in, and a contributor to many print and online publications, Wes has also appeared on television and radio programs. He is well known throughout the industry for his enthusiasm, legendary work ethic and commitment to the community. An avid researcher and historian, Wes is a walking encyclopedia of historical and contemporary mixology knowledge, a sought-after authority on all things cocktail. As a passionate speaker and educator, he loves to empower industry staff and enthusiasts alike with detailed knowledge of history and product, as well as the expert application of the bartender’s skill set. “I will always remember what it felt like when I caught that spark”, explains Galloway, speaking of his happenstance introduction to Tony Abou-Ganim at a trade show. “Now I love to light that fire for others.”

Liam Potvin is a young professional with great passion for his craft.

After being named an Executive Chef at the age of 24, Liam continues to push himself daily. A well of creativity, he strives for personal growth and perfection. His menus have garnered phenomenal reviews earning features in articles, blogs, and radio shows. As a graduate of the culinary arts program at Algonquin college he also holds a red seal certification with the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Trades. At TwentySix, he focuses on small plates and quality ingredients; letting them speak loudly. With an artistic plating style, the plate is his canvas and ingredients are his brush. This is just the beginning.

Claudette Soriano joins us after years of developing her customer service skills in diverse hospitality environments.

Changing professions mid-career, Claudette left a successful science background to embrace the entrepreneurial world of hospitality. Since then, hospitality has become her passion and her lifestyle. Having worked in bartending, serving, cooking, consulting, and hotel management, Claudette has a solid and varied background. She constantly strives to offer the best possible service experience for each of our customers.